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The owner of this one hundred and fifteen year old Philomont farm house came to us to relocate the basement laundry area and to create an additional first floor bath off an existing family room. These changes were for convenience and to allow for the possibility of future one floor living if needed. Additionally, it was important that the new section look as if it had always been a part of the original farm house.  With these goals in mind, Gruver Cooley worked with Architect Bruce Hutchinson and our Interior Designer Cathleen Gruver, to achieve them perfectly.


Working closely with the owner, plans were made to add a bright laundry room with scenic views, hallway and full bath to the rear of the house. White subway tiles and mosaic accent tiles from Tile Bar were used in the bathroom shower to enhance the natural light available through the PVC clad, waterproof window. A custom wood over-the-sink drying bar was added to the laundry to facilitate care of hand washables. The majority of the addition was able to be completed before breaking through to the existing house, making it a more comfortable process for the homeowner.


Once the old and new sections were connected, we were delighted to find old wood floor under the aging black and white tiles in the family room.  This floor was refinished to create a warmer look in the family room and to visually connect it with the wood floor in the new addition. The spaces were freshly painted, and as you can see when you click on the photo above, the finished product is a very functional, light and cheerful space which meets the homeowner's needs. From the outside, it appears that the addition has simply been an extension of this quiet country home for the past hundred years.




Philomont, VA



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