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Gruver Cooley believes comprehensive preplanning and teambuilding are key to a project's ultimate success. The planning and budgeting stage is often the most important time spent on a project. For Gruver Cooley, there is nothing assembly line about this process; each client's unique project and priorities drive the effort. From the beginning, our staff forges a team with your architect and identifies appropriate subcontractors to ensure that the project design is within budget and truly meets a client's goals before construction ever begins.

Gruver Cooley has worked with some of the finest architects in the area and can recommend one to fit your specific needs.

An Interior Designer creates spaces that are beautiful and fully functional for clients' unique ways of life.  Designers' professional education and experience ensure that they are fully aware of how design decisions are made and how they impact health, safety and welfare.  It also gives them the ability to translate those decisions into floor plans, renderings and material selections.

Gruver Cooley can provide a full range of Design services including consultation, schematic design, design development and construction documents. We can also collaborate with our clients' designers.


Click the image on the left to learn more about our in-house Designer, Cathleen Gruver, and to view her portfolio.

Gruver Cooley works closely with each client during the construction phase. A superintendent is assigned to each project and is on-site daily to manage the construction process and schedule. The superintendent oversees subcontractors' and vendors' work to ensure all aspects meet the Gruver Cooley standards of quality. Additionally this on-site presence allows clients to immediately discuss any questions or issues that arise. Through weekly meetings, the entire Gruver Cooley management team is kept apprised of each project's progress.


A Gruver Cooley home guarantees lasting value and quality. In addition to completing a post-construction punchlist, we provide a one year comprehensive service warranty along with manufacturer or vendor warranties. And each client receives the Gruver Cooley promise: if any concerns arise after your project is completed, be it six weeks, six months or six years later, we will respond. That is our promise to you and part of Gruver Cooley's legacy of excellence and unrivaled customer service.

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