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2018 Kitchen & Bath Trends

This year's Kitchen and Bath International Show in Orlando was an exciting and interesting display of 2018's design trends. During three days - and over 24 miles logged on my Apple watch - I viewed and tried thousands of new products. The following are a few of the trends I wanted to share with our Gruver Cooley friends and "family".

Technology continues to be a driving force in kitchen and bath innovation and is now integrated nearly everywhere! In the bathroom, the shower can be voice controlled to achieve designated water temperatures. By the time one is ready to hop in, the shower is ready to go too. In the kitchen, faucets can measure exact amounts of water, and refrigerators can send pictures of their contents to designated phones at the closing of their doors.

Organization, function and aesthetics continue to be highlighted in kitchens. In cabinetry, storage systems abound, and open shelves are making appearances under sinks and ranges, mixed in freely with closed cabinetry. Ever more versatile sinks provide large work prep surfaces, custom drying areas over dishwashers and work spaces at varying levels. A stunning mix of wood tones and cabinet depths breaks up the monotony of many previous years of kitchen design. Appliances are trending toward black stainless finishes, accompanied by a handsome array of black and gold hardware and details.

Lighting is playing a starring role in bathrooms. Cabinets, mirrors, toilets and tubs are now including lighting features. Colored interiors in cabinetry are on the rise, with dark green being a favored color in various applications.

I returned from the show with renewed enthusiasm and energy for implementing what I learned there in this year's projects.

See below for pictures from the show:

Kohler's large "farm sink" that features separate pieces that can function as a workspace when placed on either side of the sink.

Kallista, as well as many plumbing manufacturers, featured a combination of black and gold on their fixtures. Check out the faucet above here.

Barn doors were popular on many vignettes. The trick is not using your typical barn door and changing up the stain, paint, hardware etc. to give it a more unique feel.

Moen showcased their newest technology (U by Moen) that integrates with Amazon's Alexa. (Don't worry everyone, it will be expanding to other devices!) With a simple voice command, a user has the ability to heat up his or her shower before even turning it on, so by the time one goes to use it, it is ready to go.

Alexa also teamed up with Delta Faucet to create a voice activated faucet technology. Users can ask Alexa to warm their water, fill up specific water measurements and turn faucets off and on without the touch of a hand.

GE Cafe released a refrigerator with an integrated Keurig. This device doesn't take away from the water dispenser most refrigerators already have and can help save on counter space.

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Shower doors now come in a large variety of styles and can add an extra level of pizazz to any bathroom design.

Shower doors aren't the only ones having fun in the bathroom. Tubs have become more unique and feature interesting integrated design details.

Kohler even featured lighting underneath one their bathtubs.

This sink from The Galley had to be one of our favorites! The large expanse allows for many functions to take place at once: prepping, cutting, washing, drying, etc. It also utilizes unused space over the dishwasher to give the user a place to put a drying rack. This way items can drip dry into the sink and out of the way.

Open shelving partnered with closed door cabinetry was EVERYWHERE at KBIS! The integration of lighting into all cabinetry/details in the kitchen and bathroom was huge as well!

Copper, mainly in a polished distressed finish, was used by vendors throughout the show. Check out the one in the last photo of this post!

Trying to decide what color to paint your cabinets? Don't! Mixing stains is "in", and we are loving every second of it.

Worried about the clutter recipe cards can create, or about the chance that they could get wet, lost or ruined? Refrigerators can display recipes and take pictures of their contents every time their doors are closed. This LG InstaView refrigerator features an Amazon Alexa built in the fridge and uses voice commands to shop for groceries, search recipes, play music, check the weather, place orders from, manage your calendar and more.

This vignette did a wonderful job showcasing a beautiful combination of simple patterns and finishes. We love how the wood complements the blue tile and black cabinetry. It really creates a rich look with such a simple design!

This kitchen has it all: mixed wood tones, open shelving (under the range, as well as on the walls), integrated lighting on the shelves as well as on the ledge above the range, and mixed depth cabinetry to create visual interest/impact.

Seen in another booth- open storage under a range with integrated lighting. We love how it is open under the entire island!

Kohler's new console vanity (it's not even on their website yet!!) allows one to hang a hand towel from it and seamlessly combines design styles. We are also digging the medicine cabinet/ mirror with the integrated lighting. Black finishes steal the show, yet again!

Robern's Vitality Lighted Mirror Collection with integrated bluetooth speakers was quite the buzz on the showroom floor.

We may or may not have had some fun taking selfies with them...

Kallista's polished distressed sink was a showstopper with its classic look that feels unique.



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