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The challenge of providing space for a pool, pool house and new landscaping became an opportunity on this tight in-fill lot. To preserve as much area around the site as possible for landscaping, we pushed the pool and the pool house together.  The result was symbiotic.

The water, coming right up to the edge of the lounge space, became an integral and dramatic part of the interior space.  To take best advantage of the pool from inside, we placed a 14 foot glass and steel garage door, which when open, brings the water right inside.

From the outside, the stone pool house wall defines the pool space.  Water is fed into the pool through a stainless steel rill through this stone wall, adding sound to the senses served.

Other features include a horizontally pivoting door between the kitchen and outdoor terrace.  When open, this barn door becomes an awning to the bar outside, providing shade.  Inside, the loft sleeps two.  The changing room includes a shower with a high and private corner window, lockers and laundry facilities.


Pool House


McLean, VA



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